Work for a National Purpose

The Imperial Intelligence Service (Renadi or RND) is a public service agency with a mission to keep Abelden and it's citizens safe and secure.

The RND fulfils its mission by investigating threats to Abelden’s national security in accordance with the Government's priorities. We collect and analyse intelligence to provide decision makers with sound national security advice. The RND also provides a range of protective security services to other Government agencies.

The RND contributes to:

Staff at the RND come from a cross-section of Abeldane society and perform a variety of roles. These include intelligence officers, analysts, linguists, technology experts and support staff.

The RND headquarters is based in Pleston with regional offices in Alexton and East Halyards, and some staff based overseas.

Political neutrality

The RND is a politically neutral agency

The Intelligence Services Act 2020, explicitly states that activities will not be carried out for the purpose of promoting or harming the interests of any political party or candidate. The Director-General of Security regularly meets with the Leader of the Opposition to keep them informed about matters of national security. The Director reports to the Reichsversammlung. Both Government and Opposition parties are represented on this body, whose membership is endorsed by Parliament.